A Reflection

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List of INF 103 Assignments

  1. The Web & Me
  2. Oh! Remember this…
  3. The Internet, the Web & IP Addresses
  4. RSS & Feedly
  5. Google Docs & Collaborative Work
  6. Privacy & Security
  7. Bibliography
  8. Bonjour, sunshine!
  9. This assignment (coding) has been submitted in studio.code.org
  10. A Reflection


Includes posts of the Final Project

  1. What’s all this about?
  2. 10 movies to watch this Christmas season
  3. Stress during Finals Week? Relax!
  4. 3D Printing Presentation
  5. Impresión 3D: Entrevista
  6. Ranking “Confetti” by Little Mix
  7. Some of my drawings in 2020

My blog: Visitors


Before I actually started this class, I was getting increasingly worried. Admittedly, I overthink all the time about all the courses I take, so that’s not exactly news for those that know me. But this was supposed to be a class about technology, right? I seem to have a flawless record of catching misfortune around it. Oh my God, I thought, please don’t tell me I have to buy programs and tinker with difficult code… I don’t even know what that is!

Thankfully, my professor proved me wrong. I couldn’t be any more elated than when we first got to delve into topics such as how the internet works and I was taught the meaning of words I’ve heard before, but had never managed to understand when I researched them by myself. We were introduced to awesome apps and websites that kept me organized and encouraged creativity. Just thinking about how scared I was of starting this class makes me giggle now because, well… I didn’t need to worry one bit.

What I liked the most of INF 103

I found the lesson on studio.code.org to be unexpectedly fun! Even though we only had to do a few levels across two courses, I couldn’t help myself and completed all levels in Courses 2 & 3, feeling like a giddy child when given a gold star for good work as I received my certificates of completion. I know, ridiculous behavior on my part, but I guess it’s the Hermione Granger in me.

My interest in 3D Printing wasn’t all there before I had to do my research (and I don’t think I would’ve willingly stumbled upon it if it weren’t for this class). Imagine my joy as I found out about all the possibilities that 3D Printing grants us! I focused more on the construction of houses via 3D Printing, but its use on the medical field is a huge thing, too. 3D Printing is a whole other world and I am glad I had the chance to open the doors to such a creative field of technology.

Two things I learned

The most glaringly obvious thing I learned in this class was how to create my own website, design it and make posts. Writing used to be a large part of my life a few years back and I’m not sure when I began to neglect that hobby of mine, but thanks to our use of WordPress, I can once again feel how liberating it is to just ramble on a blank page. Only this time, I’m allowing the whole world to catch a glimpse into my head. I’ll be sure to give this blog of mine some more love during my breaks from university.

Although it’s common knowledge that it’s impossible to hide your identity on the internet, I learned some tricks on how to monitor my own activity online and find out how many websites are informed about me (and who targets me for those advertisements that are suspiciously personalized to my liking).

If I could change something from this course…

There isn’t anything in particular, since it was plenty informative and not boring in the slightest. However, I always recommend to every single course to have the instructions on every assignment available since the first day, instead of giving them spaced out. This is more of a suggestion, not a necessity. I just like having the instructions readily available since the first day so I can fill out my planner before I get engulfed in a sea of assignments. Other than that, I loved spending time on this class, since all my questions were answered in record time and the lessons were pretty interactive.

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