to the land of scattering thoughts, where you get to briefly glimpse into my head and read the random speech bubbles that will plaster themselves in this blog. Enjoy!

“art tools still life” by hannes.a.schwetz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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Bonjour, sunshine!

This assignment is all about presenting myself. So without further ado, here’s the Google Slides link so you can get to know me a tiny bit more. Hope you enjoy!


Additive Manufacturing, commonly referred to as “3D Printing” covers a variety of technologies used for the fabrication of parts and products with different materials. It’s the process of transforming a three-dimensional digital model into a physical object. It’s a distinct manufacturing method since material is added in layers until the piece is completed. As opposed … Continue reading Bibliography

Privacy & Security

Have you ever thought about what you and your friends agree to when creating an account on any social media platform? Lets take Facebook as an example: once you sign up, without knowing the true depth of the agreement you consented, the social media giant has been allowed by vous to collect your data, with … Continue reading Privacy & Security

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